Perhaps it’s not surprising that the untamed wilds of Yukon are home to eccentric locals, unfettered by rules and conventions. They’re an enthusiastic, friendly bunch, embracing life to the fullest in their wilderness backyard, no matter what the season. Live like a local with these two quirky experiences you won’t find anywhere else.

1. Join the Sourtoe Cocktail Club!

This is a drink you won’t forget in a hurry. Visit the Sourdough Saloon in historic Dawson City where the Toe Captain will prepare the famed drink. The Sourtoe is an actual human toe that has been properly mummified, ready to be dropped into your cocktail. The golden rule is this: You can drink it fast or you can drink it slow, but your lips have to touch the toe. Sourtoe is a play on words, with ‘Sourdough’ being the name given to anyone who has survived at least one Yukon winter. Most toes last about four years and the hotel relies on anonymous donations and inheritance to remain in stock. Be warned: There’s a $2500 fine for swallowing the toe!

2. Watch for the signs!

It’s not called Sign Post Forest for nothing. Cruise along the Alaska Highway to Watson Lake and you’ll stumble across a vast collection of more than 85,000 signs from around the world. This unique time capsule dates back to 1942 when US Soldier, Carl K. Lindley erected a sign marking the direction and distance to his hometown, Illinois. The trend caught on, with locals and visitors from across the globe continuing to add their own sign posts. You can bring your own or make one at the Watson Lake Visitor Information Centre to contribute to this peculiar, colourful collection.