Home to the highest mountain in Canada (Mt Logan), glittering glaciers, powerful rivers and abundant wildlife, it’s no surprise the Yukon Territory provides endless fodder for your Instagram feed. Visitors to this naturally beautiful destination are presented with photo opportunities at every step.

The list of Instagram hot spots is endless, but here are three of our faves:

Yukon Wildlife Preserve

1. Yukon Wildlife Preserve

The local wildlife of the Yukon outnumbers human residents by the thousands. Visit the Yukon Wildlife Preserve where 14 different species of animals, including moose, bison and mountain goats, are ready to pose for the ultimate selfie.

Couple holding husky puppies

2. Hike with the Huskies

At Sky High Wilderness Ranch, just 30 minutes from Whitehorse, you can stay in authentic ‘off the grid’ lodging in the wilderness of Yukon and spend four days hiking the pristine wilderness of the Coastal Mountains with a team of lovable huskies. Capture the perfect Instagram image of these gorgeous canines splashing in the clear waters of Fish Creek before you jump in to join them. Hike above the tree line of Mt Macintyre, forage for berries and herbs, and learn about the Kwanlin Dunn First Nation history of the region. The frolicking huskies, spectacular vistas, and your beaming face will have your friends all planning a Yukon summer adventure of their own. 

Kluane Icefields

3. Glacier flight-seeing

Looking for bragging-rights? Flying over Mt. Logan is pretty hard to top. With Icefield Discovery, based near Kluane Lake, you can glide over the St Elias Mountains in a ski plane and land at the Icefield Discovery Base Camp across from Mt Logan. You’ll learn about the inner workings of the majestic glaciers as you step out onto the ice, capture some incredible photographs, and absorb the silence of this ancient icefield. You’ll be ‘trending’ in no time.